Italy is one of the best teams in the Euro this year. But many say that so far This time Italy has not faced a truly difficult test. Their opponent in the second round was Austria. Although they took some tests, Roberto Mancini’s team got the victory they deserved. The Azjuris will have to give a ‘tough’ test in the last eight. Romelu Lukaku’s Belgium in front of them!

Many are also talking about Friday’s match between Italy and Lukaku.

One of the best Belgian stars to play in Inter Milan knows the opponent very well. He is the best player in Italy’s Serie A this season. Inter won the Serie A title after 11 years. If Belgium’s Euro quarter-final becomes Italy vs Lukaku, then no wonder.

Italy is flying in international football at the moment. With 31 matches unbeaten in a row, they have surpassed their own record of 63 years ago. After losing to Portugal in September 2016, they seem to have forgotten the ‘defeat’. But despite all this, the record does not allow skeptical football fans to be fully convinced that they are the best team in the Euros. Because winning against Turkey, Switzerland, Wales and Austria to secure the quarter-finals is not a real test for Italy.

The team that has footballers like Lukaku, Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Toby Alderweireld, Yannick Ferrara-Carasco, Thorgan Hazard, Axel Witsel, Dris Mertens will have to take a tough test in Italy. Belgium is the number one team in the world in the FIFA list. That’s why Friday is a great night for football fans.

Italian defender Giovanni Di Lorenzo is now awaiting a Belgian test. In an interview with, Lorenzo turned his attention to Romelu Lukaku, saying, “I know Lukaku very well. Because the last time I went to Serie A, I met Lukaku. He is a great striker. He has played great for Inter this season. ‘

The Napoli defender, however, doesn’t just want to focus on Lukaku, ‘he must be on the field. But it’s a great team just outside of Belgium Lukaku. Friday is going to be a great match. ‘

However, Lorenzo’s thinking about the opponent is very clear to win the Euro title, you have to beat the big opponent, the tough opponent, everyone has to win, there is no point in thinking about all this. The higher you go, the harder the opponent will be. Belgium-Test in front of us in the quarter-finals, there is nothing to be upset about. Whatever the opponent, our job is the same. ‘


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